How to Join

Create an account online and make your first purchase to start earning sun points.

Already have an account? Simply log in to your account to see your sun points balance and any rewards that are available for use.

Don’t have an account but are an existing customer? Create an account with the email address you’ve used to make any prior orders. After you submit your information for an account, please check your email to activate your account. Once activated, you will be enrolled in our Sun Rewards program.

How it Works

Create or log in to your account before placing an order. For every purchase, you will earn 5 sun points for every dollar spent to apply towards rewards. Access your sun points balance here.

Earn Sun Points

Redeem Rewards


How do I access my Sun Rewards account info?

Log in to your account. By using the Sun Rewards icon, you will see your sun points balance and any rewards that are available for use.

How and when do I start earning sun points?

No minimum purchase necessary.

Gift card purchases do not earn Sun points.

Points are cumulative.

Sun points and rewards can be used online and in our Honolulu store.

We're currently unable to merge multiple accounts. We recommend using only one account for all purchases. 

How do I apply rewards towards my purchase?

Log in to your account for easy check out. By clicking apply code in the Sun Rewards icon your reward will be automatically applied to your checkout screen.

For our Honolulu store location, upon checkout a sales person can apply any available rewards to your purchase.

If I return an item and used my rewards, what happens to the rewards?

Rewards that were used for a purchase will be returned to your Sun Rewards account. On a return, all payments will be returned to the original payment method. 

Do sun points and rewards expire?

Sun points will expire after 12 months of inactivity.

Rewards must be used within 6 months of redeeming.

Can I apply my rewards to any purchase?

Rewards can be used online and in our Honolulu store. Rewards cannot be combined with always a.line discounts or promotions. Only one discount can be used at a time.

When will I earn my birthday rewards?

Make sure to sign-up 1 month prior to your birthday—otherwise, you'll have to wait until next year to earn your birthday rewards.